Last Week-No.7

This blog may be a bit late, but I can tell you I have been pretty busy.

Last week was one of the most interesting weeks ever. I was gone for the whole week in a rented farm house without wifi. Not only that, but my cousins and family were all in the house too (so I ended up sleeping in a big bathroom). Aside from watching boring TV, playing a few card games, and some outdoor activities, the week was not all that bad. I got to chat with family and see some people that I occasionally see every few years.

However, I am guessing you are more curious about how my week went without the “much needed” wifi. I must say, I did not feel any different. I was in no rush to find a computer (which there was none) nor the nearest free wifi location. If you are on vacation and plan on going out either with family or friends to enjoy the environment/nature, I do not see the need for any wifi. I got along just well without it.

I set my online “necessities” aside and decided to only focus on the present, knowing that I only had the week to see my family before I leave for college. Two things are currently on my mind: the present, and college. I must pack tomorrow and leave Wednesday.

Analysis: Yes, I am getting anxious, but I am trying to ignore it. (The naturopath doctor told me that ignoring it does not fix my problem)

Let’s see how this (first college) week plays out


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