Last Week-No.6

It is the first hour of this second day in August, and I have realized this month will be a drastic change in my life. Figuratively I do not know where I am going; all I know is that I am doing something different. College…

I figured I should write this tonight because I am not sure I will get the chance later today. In five hours I will be on the road for at least sixteen hours heading North. I know it is long, but I fear my trip to college will be longer, intentionally.

Anyway, last week seemed like a repeat of feelings, maybe less anxious. I feel more courageous although my comfort zone may be slowly diminished. To be honest, I kind of like the unknown beginnings that I will encounter in college. I only worry for my future self–how I will react in certain situations, but for now, I could care less.

It is funny why I wrote “to be honest.” You must know that my fingers are always being honest. I have no intention of lying. So, if ever in my downfall I am to doubt and give up, those sad feelings will be written here.

You see? I am improving. You may hold my word as true so that I am held accountable if I doubt myself. I will now have the opportunity to look back and see the “promises” or claims I have made to my observers.

Analysis: You have inevitably held me accountable just by reading what I have to say. Therefore, I must not give in to the difficult trials that await me.

Let’s see how this week plays out

4 hours and 20 minutes left.


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