Within reality

I don’t want people to seek after my own likeness. I want them to say, “I never want to be like him.” That way I know I am unique, different, and someone worth observing rather than being.

I–upon self-reflection–am either an inevitable curse or blessing. For myself or for others, the tide goes both ways. The waves cannot be controlled, only tampered with, put into motion. After a while they may or may not halt. Emotion does not leave, it simply stays put until wanting motivation for action.

Therefore, I am unpredictable within reality. I like to deny the expected, leaving room for other possibilities of experiencing life. In this way, everything is unmeasured and unknown: the length of my journey, my destiny, my fate, my emotion. All I know is that I am blindfolded and committing to a course of existence, merely feeling for the finish line, but the race has just begun.


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