Top of the morning and white shiny skies, I recall my past disregard of nature. To remain contained and hidden was the overarching goal, purpose. Nature had no place; it was absent of feeling and no longer appealing.

I was indulging in an abnormal, reassuring light of day at home. This light was different, it was… inviting. Its consistence of presence and pleasure remained as an addiction. Anything natural was apathetic in appearance. Or was it just me?

Unfortunately, darkness quickly dawned when I found myself outside. To my dismay, I became lost in the dark. Running frantically towards home, towards the pleasant light, I wished for safety, comfort.

However, I am stumped. Was the subtle darkness of home darker than the dark of night? There is an eerie placement and presentation within this home. The night encloses on me, but does this home haunt my vision further?

I become a rope caught in a tug of war, my ends reach for either side. In the middle, my mind cannot withhold the unearthly stretch of boundaries. My heart beats furiously; it is the last muscle I can control. I inevitably snap and lash back at home.

Home has a door, one I can open. It is welcoming, and what lies inside often refuses to come out. But now nature’s night is more benevolent than the obscure light within, which deceived me. So, outward I will go and open the door.


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