Not here

Chaos of contempt, jealousy, and in quest from hopelessness, nothing will stop you now. Just get straight to the gun point, you know what you came for. But it is not here, not here…

Bring me to sleep and stab me in the back with your piercing bullet. You will be bound in my dream, absent from my soul. You want it. Where is it? Not here, not here. Even I do not know where it is.

At least I have a soul.

It is fair: I make this claim as you claim my life. We both have something now – but my soul is not satisfied and my life not satisfactory for you.

Stop slowing down, I am waking up. Reality is taking one step closer. You took me away, yet relentless, it pursues you.

File your complaint, you former business man who can’t mind his own business, man. You got fired and–my oh my–you shot the fire, out of every individual, at me. Why? I do not know. All I know is that you intruded, and thought, “not here, not here,” no cars, no lights. Oh, how you were mistaken.

I remember it faintly, not how you got out, but how you came in. A hop and a skip and a turn of the nob. One, two, and three, and I’m stolen of the light. Was it me or my computer that powered off? It does not matter, I wanted to feel nothing. It was one of those moments when I wished I was not here, not here…


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