Last Week-No.2

It’s about time I get on with this:

In opposition of the first week (in which I didn’t get any sleep), I have been setting an alarm for myself so I don’t miss out in the morning. I’m always depressed by regretting so much. However, I am continuing (trying) to make up for those regrets.

If I recall correctly, last week mostly consisted of me confronting regret. I also really thought over the meaning and process behind caring for someone, which in my terms I call “altruism.” I believe it, but I don’t necessarily practice it. I intend to practice it, but as I have said before, intentions mean nothing without action. I don’t know what everyone else thinks about that, but when I consider both points of view I feel as if actions win in the end.

Anyway, I do intend to care for the people I know and love, and I also intend to sympathize with those I do not know. As hard as that might sound, I think it is worth a try.

Now I know I haven’t done much in the past two days. I have to hit myself reminding me to not regret the decisions I’ve made. Yes, distractions took me away from writing. What can I say? Writing is not the only thing that will captivate my mind.

I’ve been full of wandering thoughts and various emotions. Some thoughts I couldn’t really answer so I ended up getting distracted…

Analysis: I don’t like regrets and I don’t like distractions, but what I like gets me distracted and I end up regretting it later.

Let’s see how this week plays out

Time: 9:46PM – 10:06PM


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