Little prince

In a far away place where his Kingdom abide, a little prince dreams of escape. Riches, fame, and glory do not suite him, even his own garments show no elegance. Hidden in his abstruse thoughts, he dare not declare his independence.

There is a longing for self-satisfaction through the well-being of others and an unspoken, unseen kingdom of happiness and approval – one that a true king would cherish.

In love? Maybe. The little prince has seen many a princess. But he is ignorant in manner and enjoys the depression of separation. Ironically, it is what fuels him forward in a pursuit to try.

Not forceful for a fight, he believes words are sharper than a two-edged sword. He is clean and composed and above his league (aside from his height). If only more would share his sentiment.

Open to a world of variance and similarity, he has yet to take the first step. He is only preparing for the unexpected, the truth. Lacking experience, he is ready for failure, humiliation. Or is he?

Spinal failure of his own is what he currently fears. One pull of the cord and he will fall apart, diminish to death. Is it his fate? We know not. All we know is his concern for others on his own accord.

“Who is this prince,” you plea? It happens to be me.


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