It’s a painful day in my state, my state of mind. I feel shut down but the screen is up and shining. Sitting here typing, I don’t know which entity to power off. I have full capability and consciousness to push the button and turn off my lights. I realize we’re scared of the dark, so I don’t turn (it) off. But could it be a misconception?

Over and over I inch back a bit on my chair. Should I be scared of the dark? Isn’t it just another beauty without the confidence of being seen? I fear many beings–humans–perhaps are this way. Rest assured, the sky is still lit with stars regardless of how dark and damaged you are.

I feel it, I want it, to be filled with the dark of night. Maybe I have a chance to reach out to the darkness of others and see who they really are, to show concern. But I remain here typing from the illuminated keyboard, sharing these words.

What about my fear of the dark? Gone. In fact, I would fear the light more than the darkness; people might know me all too well. Moreover, I don’t care what the night brings. There are those who are concealed by others’ fear of darkness. I say screw it, I’m going in the dead of night to see what beauty I can find through the dark in their heart.


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