37 minutes until July 1st

What am I to do? There is 36 minutes left until July 1st. I want to make the most of my time so I can say this month was outstanding. I won’t lie, it has been fairly great. As much as I want the time to go by and college to come around, I realize as I get older how important every minute can be.

High school flew by because I wanted it that way. Time often gives you what you want. But it’s tricky. You do what you must in school because it’s mandatory, so you do what you mentally can. Time ticks slower when you look at the clock and you get frustrated. The reality is, it’s going fast, you’re just aggravated.

Sooner than later senior year will smack you in the face. Guess what? One year left. Oh, hello graduation. Wait a sec – let me reflect back on how this year went. It either sucked or it didn’t. But did I make the most of it? For me, no.

Let me tell you, make the most of senior year. Do what you’re passionate about, because you may want to pursue it later. Otherwise you’ll feel hesitant. Could it be fear of rejection? Well… if difference is what this world is looking for and you are different, then heck, go for it. I feel sort of hypocritical, but I’m trying to help out.

I’ve just thought about something while I’ve been writing all of this. I’m really all about “making the most of everything.” Whether I’m jovial or depressed I end up learning something in the end. Then I tend to want to make something of it. I’m sick of letting my emotions take over and speak for who I am. No, this time I will be the dictator of myself, so I will speak these words through my emotion.

Gah… I almost regretted staying satisfied with what I just wrote. But now I have 20 minutes left until July 1st. I guarantee this post has a purpose. If you feel inspired through this, I am all the more glad. If not, I have found this as my opportunity to speak out with confidence and satisfaction. I’ve been lacking confidence ever since entered a school with students. It’s funny though; it’s much easier to type and click submit than to speak straightforward.

14 minutes… This whole time I’ve been listening to the same two songs over and over. Certain songs give me motivation to write. They give me an idea, a feeling, a desire. It’s not necessarily the lyrics, but the beat. It’s like I want to type everything that’s on my mind within the timeframe of the song before it stops. Wouldn’t that be a great feeling?

“Nothing’s stopping me now.”

That’s probably the best lyrical part of the second song I’m listening to.

Well, I just clicked replay on the first song. I have one more play through for both songs until July 1st. 8 minutes…

7 minutes left. I’m gonna post this before tomorrow.

Just copy pasted it. 6 minutes left.

Entered the category and tags. 3 minutes left.

One last proofread. 1 minute left. Here we go…


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