Last Week–No.1

June 28 on June 21-27, 2015

I’ve decided to take note of how I progress every week, if I remember. Since my emotions fly all over the place depending on the day, I figure why not check up each week? I’m not a person who has a goal set for the day. I just do whatever I want and try to ignore the overall outcome of the day. I do it because I’m often anxious about many things that I know shouldn’t bother me. Some people would think I’m frequently stressed. However, I don’t like to think of it that way. I only get stressed in a situation that I’m worried about. On the other hand, I get anxious when I’m not worried but just unsure of what’s to come.

Anyway, let me now begin on what this blog was meant to cover.

Two weeks ago I started my WordPress blog (June 19) because I had so many thoughts and poems hidden away. Before the school year ended, I shared a bit of my stuff with some students and teachers. I realized then that they actually didn’t mind and/or liked what I wrote. The only thing I regretted at that moment was not sharing it months before.

So on I continued writing, wanting to know how I can continue presenting my words without overflowing the Facebook wall. I was back and forth on choosing between blog sites. I knew of WordPress already, but I wasn’t really fond of the excessive customization features (I love it now). Full of words and absent ears, I grew tired of waiting for an answer. Straight to it, I created my blog here.

Looking back last week I was thrilled to see that many people found me quickly. I thank every one of you for that, so much. Still loaded with words, I kept posting, regardless of the time.

It was a very… sleepless week. Nevertheless, it was worth it in my heavy eyes. I hope this can keep me busy for many weeks years to come. I’m open for ideas and thoughts for how I can present my blog. I know too well that I should be myself and inspire through who I am, but I notice that I learn more from others. I notice how little I know about various topics on life and the reality of it. I’m still searching, still seeking more knowledge.

Analysis: Some of us dream in our sleep. My dream is writing, so I don’t sleep.

Let’s see how this week plays out

Time: 5:15PM – 5:45PM


2 thoughts on “Last Week–No.1

  1. Just makes me want to read more…it’s hard to step out, or rather write out, and show emotions to the world. Because they are our naked words, written, to be perused on here by anyone with any opinion they want of them. Eek! 😛 Glad you picked wp and I found your site. Looking forward to reading the other weekly updates already posted!

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