This is my ode of joy, an exclamation of love.
I found you alone here and decided to follow.
This place is deserted, why do you stay?
Lets find a better place so we don’t have to hide.
No worries, I’m here by your side.
It’s humid out here, so warm I could die.
Don’t leave me out here, I’ll stay by your side.
We’re on the same boat but we have nowhere to float.
Absent from humanity, we can understand each other.
There are no hearts to break, only connections to make.
I’m so sentimental when our hearts collide.
Wait a minute – look at the stars, see how they shine.
They flicker and make a picture, connect, tell stories.
Lets go together and inspire, share stories like the sky above.


One thought on “Inspire

  1. You write on so many subjects, so many emotions, yet you’re so young. Well, you know what I mean lol :). Your insight and hopes are really impressive. Don’t ever lose the reach of your heart toward people. *still reading*

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