The years

One and two
Years since you were born
Three and you
Began to like corn.

Four and then
You grew a small smile
Five was when
You had walked a mile.

Six and seven
You had some questions
What’s heaven?
Eight you had lessons.

Nine and ten
You learned in school
Ways to act all cool.

Twelve through thirteen
You began to grow
Vicious, mean
It was all a show.

Fourteen, how?
You are lost in thought
Fifteen now
Each lie you were caught.

Sixteen, fast
You don’t want to drive
Test? You passed
And you’re still alive.

Time flies by too quick
Drama queen
Why’d you like that chick?

Room’s not clean
Turns to hostility.

And pretty much free
Make a scene
Climb the college palm tree.

Twenty, sweet
Not a teenager
Send that tweet
Focus on your major.

Twenty one
You are so tired
Close to done
But still inspired

Twenty two
Hang in there, don’t drift
Look at you
Don’t mention T. Swift.

Twenty three
I think you made it
You are free
No reason to quit!


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