More and more I am opening up
When others open, I open
What is it?
It is understanding
We open up when we remove the layers
The layers of doubt
Remove those layers and open up.

Life becomes more beautiful
And people understand your pain
Be the first to open up
Don’t wait
Share what is on your mind
Take the worries that you bind
And throw them with mine.

Silence is for thinking
Talking is for understanding
These are for opening up
Don’t wait
Find yourself
But most of all, find others too
They need someone like you.


7 thoughts on “Open

      1. Oohh, I know what you mean… Most of my writing comes at night, it’s a time where your mind is allowed to run freely and shake off the stress of the day. I swear I could’ve easily been an owl in a previous life! 😀

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      2. And you should never stop or even ignore this urge to write in the middle of the night. If you think you’ll still remember your exact train of thought the next day you’re wrong.. I’ve had this happen to me so many times, because I was too lazy ro get up and answer the call of my muse. I should put a fork next to my bed, so that she can make me get up with it, should that ever happen again. 😀

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