Sometimes it is too difficult to know what to write about. This applies for almost any situation, especially mine. It’s funny though because I am now talking about being at a loss for words. Ironic, right?

The situation no longer applies to me because I have this urge to write now, right now. Let’s talk about how these words don’t necessarily come so quickly without a little help of inspiration. I am here to inspire, to put words in your mind and pull truth from your heart.

What is it that holds you back? Don’t focus on that; focus on what pushes you forward in the direction you want to go. Grab motivation by the neck and demand, “You’re staying with me.” Find happiness and become his best friend. Reassure depression that he is not forgotten. Follow life wherever he leads you, but he’s unpredictable so don’t let him consume you. These are all inevitable aspects of reality (whether present or absent) and they cannot be ignored while being acknowledged.

Sometimes it is too difficult to know what to expect. Truth may stab you in the back, but if truth is what you’re looking for, at least you know it exists.


2 thoughts on “Truth

  1. The word “truth” seems to be the word of the week for me. It’s important to find your own truth and make sure it’s the one that pushing you forward in life. Too often do we let others’ opinions and the media dictate what is “good” or what it means to be “successful”. This was a nice post. It’s pretty amazing how inspiration works. 🙂

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