Why again

Why do we give up optimism?
Because it is too easy to not care?
Too easy to let go?
You are struggling, and you need help
Not necessarily from others, but from yourself.
That is why you are in pain.
You are not receiving this lost hope.
So now you are, again, in pain
And that is what you care about.
But if you care about that
Then why do you give up?
You have something to care about.
Stop living this paradox, this catastrophe.
Do you not realize that you are always with me?
I will tell you to at least fake the smile
Because with you, I will go the mile.
Become conscious and know
That I am searching for hope
And no matter how slow I go
I will untie your rope,
Remove and sever,
Loosen your knots,
Now and forever,
I love you lots.


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