Somehow we always survive our own mind.
What I mean is that we perceive our life as worthless
because of one little inconvenience.
But sooner than later we realize, without realizing it, that we
still find purpose in finding purpose.
So we back off from what made us burst out with anger
and depression and anxiety.
Then we casually move on…
There are things that put us back in our place,
our place of distraction.
This temporary exclusion of pain is just fine,
until it happens yet again.
The pain inevitably becomes worse and you question
your previous motives, why?
Regret. Too much regret.
You cannot alter the past, so forget about it.
Take some time, think about what you could do now.
Rely on happiness and find it, remember it.
Happiness is right around the corner,
you just have to put some effort in,
give your last effort for this purpose.
You know that you will somehow survive.
And I will be glad that you are alive.


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