No higher expectation

What is it that drives us to go towards an idea or sign of hope? Are some of us trying to look for something to fill our life with when in actuality we do not need it? I don’t know, but whatever it is, it makes us feel… different. I wish to say it is a better kind of different. There should be nothing wrong with this mindset if we mean to live a better life.

But now what would you do if what you sought completely backfires your expectations? I almost hesitate to say, “expect the unexpected” because then you’ll become aggravated or anxious hoping things would go your way. I figure there is only one way (that I know of) to fix this problem.

Your expectations failed you because the source of fulfillment was negative. Either you give up hope or you get back up and realize that you have learned to spot and dismiss negativity. You don’t want to give up hope because then you’ll find yourself back at the beginning. So, start anew, there is still faith left in humanity.

You’re not alone if you are in this situation. I share the same sentiment. We can teach others to learn from mistakes, fears, failures, troubles. We can address our struggles and learn to fight them. We can find this so called hope if you are with me. If you can be hopeful, I will be too. I have no higher expectation of you.


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