Some would consider it such a silly thing… Happiness causes us to do what makes us feel “satisfied.” However, someone else’s lack of happiness could be their reasoning for negative satisfaction, if that makes sense. Occasionally I see pessimism or depressing attitudes which often times seeks fulfillment through attention. We cannot always dismiss these heart-broken heroes just because it seems like they only want attention. Attention is probably the last thing they want, since nowadays it has obtained a critical connotation. Ironically, it is satisfaction they want, but displaying an unpleasant attitude is the only way they know how to receive it.

“Satisfaction of what,” you ask? Of being heard, listened to, acknowledged that you are alive. If you’re depressed it could be because you’re not in the midst of happiness. You want the same satisfaction everyone else is getting through happiness. However, the sad part is that it does not always just come to you. Take my writing for example. The reason why I am happy is because I’m satisfied through writing. There is only satisfaction for now, no positivity or negativity. But when I share my words with others around the world, I too want to be heard, listened to, and acknowledged. I have acted, pursued happiness, wanted it.

The Declaration of Independence has allowed us to consider this pursuit of happiness. It didn’t grant us “happiness,” we have to find it, go after it. The first big step is maintaining positivity. Then and only then will life and liberty begin to feel satisfactory.

These “heart-broken heroes” I previously mentioned are the ones for whom I write. In my eyes they are like heroes because people often like to reach out to their hero. That is, in reality, what I pursue. I want to reach out to the brokenhearted and let them know at least one person cares to listen and in general, cares to care. I don’t care if I’m hurt or in pain. As long as I know I can help someone, I am happy.


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