I always consider my past actions of the day, reflecting on them. My mind thinks about the situation(s) from an observer’s perspective. However, I know I myself may have enjoyed the moment but only for the moment. Since I take a pessimistic approach to it, I feel embarrassed. That is only the first way I approach the situation. To make myself feel better, I deem it as nothing. If I saw no negative impact on others, I am fine, no worries. I declare it as human nature, whatever makes me do what I do. Sometimes I do not notice it, which is why I often think back on it. I guess I have these thoughts because I am constantly wondering about people’s opinions of my character, who I want them to see me as. I shouldn’t care though; if I am starting to observe others through a positive lens, then I presumably expect the same of them.


3 thoughts on “Actions

  1. Definitely can relate. Have you taken the myers-briggs personality test before? It really opened my eyes up to my strong and weak points as an introverted type personality. Trying to balance both sides and not overthink :P.

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